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The Candy House

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Jennifer Egan rocked the literary world in 2010 with A Visit From the Goon Squad, her novel-in-interconnected-stories that won a Pulitzer Prize for its vividly narcissistic characters living loosely connected lives and audacious experiments in form (one chapter is told via Powerpoint slideshow, for instance). The Candy House is a sequel of sorts to Goon Squad, and every bit as rewarding. Its stories exist in the previous novel’s reality, unfurling deep into the past and future via emails, teenage diaries, and high-tech spy mission logs. As Egan probes the boundaries of stylistic experimentation, she sharpens her thematic focus on the escalating integration of technology into our everyday lives—and the consequences of what happens when social media and immersive tech are taken to their logical, invasive end. —Andrew R. ChowB

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