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Honey & Spice

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Kiki Banjo is untouchable. The Whitewell University second-year has built up an immunity to potential suitors, situationships, and even friendships outside of her loyal bestie, Aminah. That is, until Malakai Korede comes along. Kiki, a self-proclaimed love savant who prefers to dole out advice on romance rather than experience it herself (she even hosts a popular campus radio show about it) doesn’t know what to make of the suave aspiring filmmaker. At first, she dubs him the “wasteman of Whitewell,” warning her listening audience away. But things start to shift once Malakai and Kiki forge an alliance, staging a fake relationship to help both of them with their career ambitions. Where is the line between true and false, friends and enemies, honey and spice? —Laura ZornosaB

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