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Fellowship Point

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A lifelong friendship between two women in their 80s hits a breaking point in Alice Elliott Dark’s second novel. Agnes Lee and Polly Wister couldn’t be more different. Agnes is an unmarried, successful author who is ready to write the last installment of her popular series, while Polly is a devoted wife and mother to three sons who has committed her life to supporting her family. The two friends jointly own a mostly undeveloped plot of land off the coast of Maine. Instead of passing it down to the next generation, Agnes wants to preserve the property by donating it to a land trust, ensuring that Polly’s oldest son will never be able to develop on it. It’s a conversation that sets off a series of revelations between the two women about how they really view each other. At nearly 600 pages, Fellowship Point reads like an epic, but at its center lies a friendship full of heart, humor, and love. —Annabel GuttermanB

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