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Cover Story

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College student Lora Ricci has just started her internship at Elle magazine and is beyond excited to work with the impossibly cool contributing editor Cat Wolff. As the two quickly form a friendship, Lora reveals to Cat that she’s just lost her scholarship to NYU and needs money, fast. So Cat presents a plan: Lora doesn’t need to finish college, and can instead become Cat’s ghostwriter. For Lora, it’s a dream job—one that, she begins to realize too late, might be too good to be true. As Lora gets caught up in a scheme far more complex than she’s equipped to handle, author Susan Rigetti spins a deliciously fun narrative about ambition, power, and money. Though it’s certainly a page-turner, Cover Story is also a novel about reinvention and who gets the opportunity to truly start over—a topic close to the author’s own heart. —Annabel GuttermanB

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